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There are multiple amenities and great features that make the Brie Residences great and desirable to all. These features will indoor and outdoor features for the various activities to help with passing time. This is mostly during the weekends and the evenings. These features will help you in a great way in order to make new friends within the Brie Residences. They may also help you to discover a new talent, or learn of the abilities of the children that are playing, both indoors and the outdoors. There are multiple features in the residences, and are all interesting and very relevant to the modern lifestyle and trends. Whenever you are I need of relaxing, you can always enjoy yourself through this various features and amenities;

  • Lobby
  • Al Fresco Dining
  • Business Centers (2nd floor)
  • Function Room (2nd floor)
  • Pantry (2nd floor)
  • Cable TV
  • Ready Wi-Fi
  • Gym

The best thing about amenities such as the Wi-Fi is that, you are able to access the internet at any time without incurring extra costs. You can keep up with the latest in social media, check or work on pending work files, and also help the children in learning. The cable TV is a great way for you to enjoy watching u-interrupted TV. This is a pass time favourite for many, including children. The lobby is a great place for you to enjoy fresh air, or the sun. The space is enough for you to hold a party while you have not invited many people. The function room is one that has the capacity to hold many people in case you need it, you can always use it. The Al Fresco dining allows you to enjoy eating on the outside, while still enjoying the fresh air. The business center is a great way for you to enjoy a great new home and still have the chance to have a platform to interrupt on business. The gym is an indoor facility that allows you to keep fit, and ensure that you spend time the way you like to.

  • Grand Lobby
  • Al Fresco Dining
  • Retail Strip
  • Three High Speed Elevators
  • Business Center (2nd Floor)
  • Function Rooms (2nd Floor)
  • Gym (2nd Floor)
  • Lounge (2nd Floor)
  • Pantry (2nd Floor)
  • CCTV for Common Areas
  • 24 – Hour Security
  • Centralized Sanitary Disposal System
  • Centralized Sewerage System
  • Cable TV
  • WI-Fi Ready
  • Automatic Fire Protection System
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